Outsourcing Product and Software Development

Access to product and software development expertise and specialised skills PuffinCube prides itself on having a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in various domains of product and software development. By outsourcing product and software development to PuffinCube, you gain access to this pool of talent, ensuring that your project is handled by experts […]

Introduction to Puffin Cube

Product & Software Development Title slide

Hello! I’m Ben Waymark, co-founder of Puffin Cube. If you’re watching this, you might have a brilliant idea for an app or a software project. And guess what? We’re here to bring that idea to life! At Puffin Cube, we specialize in turning great ideas into successful software products. From that initial spark of inspiration […]

Building Software with Design Thinking and Agile

Agile & Design Thinking

Hello, I am Ben Waymark, founder of Puffin Cube, product and software development and innovation factory, and welcome to this brief overview of building a software product using Agile and Design Thinking methodologies. As the CEO of a startup with a great idea, understanding these concepts is crucial in turning your vision into a successful […]