Design Thinking Mindset

At Puffin Cube, we don’t just build products; we craft experiences. And at the heart of this creative process is our commitment to the Design Thinking Mindset.
Two men thinking about product and software development

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a human-centric approach that focuses on understanding the end-users’ needs, generating creative ideas, and iteratively testing solutions. It’s not just a methodology but a mindset that empowers us to view challenges through a lens of empathy and innovation.

Our Design Thinking Process

  1. Empathize: We start by immersing ourselves in the world of the users. Understanding their challenges, motivations, and behaviors is key to our process. This empathetic approach ensures that we are solving the right problems.
  2. Define: Clarity comes next. We distill our insights into a clear problem statement. This guides our design process and ensures that we are aligned with the user’s needs and business goals.
  3. Ideate: Here’s where creativity kicks in. Our team brainstorms a range of ideas, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We believe in a no-limits approach to ideation – the more diverse the ideas, the better.
  4. Prototype: Ideas are brought to life through rapid prototyping. This tangible form of creativity helps us visualize solutions and iterate quickly based on real-world feedback.
  5. Test: Testing is integral. We engage with users, gather feedback, and refine our solutions. This iterative process ensures that the final product is not just innovative but also deeply resonant with the user’s needs.

Why Design Thinking at Puffin Cube?

  • User-Centric: At the core of our process is the user. Every decision is made with their needs in mind, resulting in products that are not only functional but also delightful to use.
  • Collaborative: We believe in the power of collective creativity. Our cross-functional teams work in unison, bringing diverse perspectives that enrich the design process.
  • Flexible and Agile: The dynamic nature of startups requires agility. Our Design Thinking approach is adaptive, allowing us to pivot and evolve as your business grows.
  • Outcome-Focused: It’s not just about the process; it’s about the results. Our approach is geared towards delivering tangible outcomes that drive growth and success.


At Puffin Cube, adopting a Design Thinking Mindset means we’re constantly innovating, empathizing, and iterating. It’s how we turn visionary ideas into reality, creating products that not only meet market demands but also exceed user expectations.

Ready to embark on a journey of innovation with a Design Thinking approach? Let’s talk.