Vigo Health

Revolutionizing Health Insurance for the Youth with Python Flask and Elastic Servers
Vigo Health


In a bid to cater to the dynamic health insurance needs of people in their 20s, our client, a prominent health insurance company, envisioned a cutting-edge digital solution. The goal was to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a new product that seamlessly integrates various technologies, providing a streamlined user experience.

Leveraging Python Flask, virtual elastic servers, Salesforce integration, and a WordPress-based website, we set out to build a highly responsive and efficient system.


The Challenge

  • The target demographic, individuals in their 20s, demanded a platform that was intuitive, fast, and accessible.
  • The system needed to integrate with Salesforce for customer relationship management, a Health Insurance sign-up API for seamless registration and policy management, and a WordPress site for content delivery and engagement.
  • The challenge lay in creating a cohesive system that could handle real-time data processing, ensure security, and provide scalability.


The Solution


Python Flask Framework

We chose Python Flask for its simplicity and efficiency in building web applications. Flask allowed us to create a lightweight yet powerful backend, capable of handling complex integrations and data processing with ease.


Virtual Elastic Servers

To ensure scalability and reliability, we employed virtual elastic servers. These servers provided the necessary computational power to handle varying loads, ensuring high availability and performance, particularly crucial for handling peak times and growing user numbers.


WordPress Website Integration

Recognizing the importance of content in engaging the younger audience, we integrated a WordPress website. This site served as the front-end, providing users with informative content, user guides, and the latest updates about health insurance products suitable for their age group.


Integration with Salesforce

Salesforce integration was crucial for effective customer relationship management. Our system seamlessly synced with Salesforce, enabling real-time data exchange. This integration allowed for better tracking of customer interactions, policy management, and personalized communication strategies.


Health Insurance Sign-up API

A critical component was the integration with a Health Insurance sign-up API. This API facilitated easy and secure registration processes, policy comparisons, and purchase options tailored to the young demographic. It ensured that users could manage their insurance needs efficiently within the platform.



  • The deployment of this integrated system marked a significant step forward in reaching out to the younger market segment.
  • The Python Flask backend, combined with the robustness of elastic servers, ensured a seamless and efficient user experience.
  • The integration with Salesforce and the Health Insurance sign-up API streamlined the customer journey from information gathering to policy purchase.
  • The WordPress website effectively engaged users with relevant content, contributing to higher traffic and user engagement.